About Crunch

Eat Well, Live Better with Crunch, your food and fitness companion to help you reach your fitness goals through Crunch Moments. Whether it’s shedding extra weight or toning up, making better food choices or getting to know the calories you eat, embarking on your first marathon or breaking a sweat to stay active, Crunch is the weight management calorie counter companion you need to help you along the way. You won’t find crash diets nor hardcore fitness regimes in Crunch, only informed choices to make your Crunch Moments count.

Our Beliefs

We believe in making informed choices that contribute towards a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Little by little making good informed choices do add up. And we are determined to help you stay motivated and be empowered to make smarter and healthier choices on eating right and exercising in a fun, stress-free manner with ample visual appeal.

We believe in living a good life by practicing good habits. Good personal habits are formed by making a series of smart decisions on eating right and exercising. The more you opt for healthier choices, the more you can get from life. Of course, just as life is not all candies and unicorns, good habits are not easy to cultivate. So we strive to ease this conscious routine in a simple, stress-free manner as possible.

We believe sharing is caring. Be it fresh organic food or yummy healthy meals, classes that enrich physically and mentally, or sportswear and lifestyle equipment that can help improve your fitness and food journey, we want you to be the first to know.

We believe, lastly, in having fun. If you aren’t having fun, then what is it all for? Every now and then, you need to make time for breaks and fun. That is how you live a healthy and balanced life. 

Crunch Moment

Why a Crunch Moment?

Contemplating hard in front of a Laksa stall whether to eat your favourite Laksa or opt for a healthier Yong Tau Hoo?

Thinking of lazing around on your couch after a long day of work only to feel guilty that you have not done your daily exercise? 

This – few seconds of hesitation and tension when you have to make an informed choice in favour of your journey towards healthier living – is a Crunch Moment. This is the moment that matters. It is the watershed moment. It is the moment of truth. 

Crunch Moment is the future of calorie counting. It inspires enthusiasm and channels positive confidence. It is a combination of our love for what we do each day – savouring delicious meals and acknowledging the vibrancy of your physical health.

It can be a moment of fulfilment when you decide to have a bowl of fish soup instead of Char Kway Teow for lunch or when you lace up for a run even after a long day at work. It can be a moment of connection when you and your friends share healthy food options with each other. It can be a moment of indulgence when you claim an app deal to devour a piece of rainbow cake.